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As superintendent, I have worked hard to build relationships with educational partners outside our district, as I know that the work that we need to do to increase student achievement is work that cannot be done alone or in isolation. As a result of one of these collaborations, I am very excited that DC Charter is one of only three districts in Douglas County that was invited to participate in the Chalkboard Project!

Chalkboard Project is an initiative of Foundations for a Better Oregon—six independent, nonpartisan Oregon foundations united by a common purpose: A better state for all Oregonians. The goal is elevating student achievement, eradicating achievement inequalities, and making our K-12 public schools among the best in the nation.

Chalkboard's vision statement says:
We believe Oregon students deserve a public school system that is among the nation’s best as measured by student achievement, and that all students deserve equal educational success. Our vision is to use philanthropic collaboration to improve K-12 public education and by doing so, lift up the entire state.

The Chalkboard website goes on to say that an effective teacher has the single greatest influence on how well a student learns; school leaders are second. That’s why our efforts focus on ensuring educators and school leaders have the systems and supports they need to help every student succeed. 

Thanks to funding from Ford Family Foundation, six DC Charter employees are participating in this initiative, which we anticipate will lead to improved teaching and learning through improved professional learning for educators. 

As part of our initial training, we were asked to examine and articulate our core beliefs.  I brought back the work that we did that day and shared it with all employees, giving everyone here the opportunity to respond and provide feedback to improve our draft.  After revising our initial statements, I presented the document to both the charter board and the district board and gave each an opportunity to help us refine the statements to ensure they were accurate reflections of what we believe.

Next, we examined the existing district philosophy of education, the charter school's mission, and my priorities as superintendent, ensuring appropriate intersectionality between the various cornerstones of who we are, what we believe, and how we operate.

Below, you will find a link to the final document, which also has a new home on the homepage of our district website: click on the "Core Beliefs" link at the bottom of the homepage. 

Thank you for walking this journey with us, as we seek continual improvement to become the very best version of ourselves.



Posted by Dr. Mark Angle  On Nov 29, 2021 at 1:51 PM

The daily schedules for those of us who work and learn at DC Charter continue to be filled with new adventures and learning opportunities.  In addition to all the new things we started last year that we have continued this year, here is just a small sample of some of the additional opportunities available for our students this year that weren’t on the agenda last year:

--Art Express: retired teachers Marilyn and Joanie are providing art education several times throughout the year for students in Grades K-5.

--Music education: all elementary students have music instruction 30 minutes daily and we have several high school students enrolled in choir.

--Other music opportunities: we’ve hosted two renown performance groups this year.  Through a partnership with the Umpqua Symphony Association, all students K-12 were guests of the Rhythm Future Quartet, whose performance genre is gypsy jazz.

Through a partnership with Roseburg Community Concerts, our 6-12 students got to travel to 7-Feathers Convention Center to hear The Kat Trio perform a selection of classical music from around the world.

--Nutrition Education: through a partnership with Mercy Foundation, a nutritionist is visiting elementary classrooms regularly to talk about making healthy food choices.

--Robotics: the robotics materials are no longer stored in the closest!  Instead, all middle school students will have the opportunity to engage in a robotics unit as part of the Technology Exploratory class.

--National FFA Convention: our high school forestry team, which won the state competition, is representing Oregon in Indianapolis this week.

DC Charter is fortunate to have so many great students, a school that is filled with teachers who care about them, and parents and community members who support our efforts in providing such a wonderful variety of opportunities to meet their varying needs and interests.

Thank you for continuing to partner with and support our school!  And, be sure to follow us on Facebook to see regular posts on all the activities mentioned here as well as the many other activities going on around campus!


Dr. Mark Angle, Superintendent

Posted by Dr. Mark Angle  On Oct 19, 2022 at 2:59 PM
Welcome to the 2016-17 school year! 

DC Charter welcomed 203 students to campus this morning for our first day of the new year. This is our highest enrollment in several years! 

Thanks, in part, to our "Move Up Day" last spring, and also to the hard work of Cheryl and Ms. Knapp in getting all our new students scheduled into classes as they registered over the summer, we had a very "routine" instructional day. Students appreciated the extra minute during passing periods and all the work we've done to improve the facilities since they left for summer break. Teachers got right to work reviewing expectations and delivering content students need to know to have a successful year.

We want this to be the best year in DC Charter history...and to accomplish this, we need YOUR help! With so many more students than we had even two years ago, we could really use some extra "hands on deck." 

Please review the following volunteer opportunities and seriously consider ways that you can support the work we are doing here!


Days Creek Charter School seeks to become the best educational environment possible for the students we serve!  To meet this goal, we need your help!  Please consider volunteering in one or more of the following ways…


Commit to coming to the school once each week for at least thirty (30) minutes to work one-on-one with an assigned elementary student.  Activities may include reading a book to the student, listening to the student read a book to you, taking turns reading a book to each other, or practicing word flash cards to improve the students’ reading.


Commit to coming to the school at least twice per month to have lunch with a group of students (elementary, middle, or high).  You may purchase a lunch at the school or provide your own lunch.  Activities may include asking students about school, talking to students about their interests, and playing games with students during recess...anything to help support students and show them the community cares about their success.


Commit to coming to the school at least once each month to read aloud to an assigned class.  You may bring your own favorite children’s book to share or the teacher will provide a book for you.  


Commit to coming to the school on a regular basis (schedule to be worked out with assigned teacher) to help with the clerical aspects of teaching...making copies, creating bulletin boards, preparing materials for classroom activities, etc.


Working collaboratively with the library assistant, create a schedule for coming to the school when available to assist with shelving, restocking, inventory, and other tasks related to library operations.


Working collaboratively with the teacher, create a schedule for coming to the school when available to assist students as they log into computer programs, practice keyboarding skills, or engage in online educational software; or, teach a specific technology tool such as Excel or PowerPoint.


Working collaboratively with the teacher, create a schedule for coming to the school when available to assist students with classroom projects or preparations, or teach a mini-lesson on a specific art skill such as pottery, watercolor, photography, etc.


Working collaboratively with the Supervisor of Maintenance, commit to coming to the school as available  to assist with yardwork and gardening.  Activities may include, weeding, planting, outdoor cleaning, washing windows, etc.


Commit to coming to the school as available to assist with indoor cleaning that is beyond the scope of regular custodial work.  Activities may include organizing, cleaning trophy cabinets, dusting, wiping down baseboards, washing dishes in the staff workroom, etc.

*To ensure the safety and well-being of all students, volunteers who work directly with children must complete a criminal background check as required by Oregon law and district policy before volunteering.
Posted by Dr. Mark Angle  On Aug 29, 2022 at 1:39 PM



June 2016



Dear District Board of Directors and Charter School Board of Directors:


I am providing this narrative as a summary of the 2015-16 school year and to share with you the goals I wish to work toward for the 2016-17 school year.


As you may recall, soon after being hired, I established as our priority the Give Me Five initiative.  I have carried that logo and tagline throughout the entire year and it has appeared on many documents to help give us a brand identity.  We will continue in 2016-17 to focus our improvement efforts around these cornerstones of student success. 



During the 2015-16 school year, 230 students passed through our doors, compared to 193 students in 2014-15.  We began the year with an artificially high 198 students “on the books.”  In September, after the dust had settled, we were at 194 students, and then grew throughout the year to end June with 199 students actually enrolled and attending classes.


The average daily attendance rate for the 2015-16 school year was 92 percent.  Compared to previous years, we had fewer students who were chronically absent as well as fewer tardies and early dismissals.


For 2016-17, we will strive to increase our average daily attendance rate to 93 percent.



We had very few behavior problems overall, and zero issues in which the district board was asked to consider expulsion.  Overall, employee morale was better (zero staff turnover) and students were happier in school (leading to an enrollment increase from a projected 149 to an actual 199 students enrolled, which we sustained throughout the year). 


The newly formed behavior committee spent the year studying various behavior programs and developed a new discipline matrix that we intend to use during 2016-17 to bring greater accountability and consistency as we manage student behavior and impose disciplinary consequences.


For 2016-17, we will implement the new discipline matrix and respond to out-of-district student behavior issues more quickly and consistently using a revised out-of-district student contract.




Teachers in grades K-5 implemented the new reading curriculum.  Elementary teachers frequently used the new iPads and worked closely throughout the year with Ryan Zeedyk from the ESD for instructional technology support.  River Studies returned after a two-year hiatus as a year-long science emphasis for grades 4-5. 


Creative writing was taught during the middle school wheel rotation for the first time.  A math tutor was hired to provide support to high school students struggling with math content. 


The senior project process was improved to include collaboration between the Senior Project teacher and the English teacher as well as to have greater consistency between the research paper, community service, and project itself; and, seniors were expected to find ways to tie all three of these components to their future career goals. 


Fewer students had “F” grades on their report cards than in 2014-15.  Rock 101 was added as an elective.  The anthropology class included several guest artisans who shared their unique talents, including cedar basket making, flint knapping, and pottery making (using locally harvested clay).  All of these provided students with hands-on opportunities for learning.  The Vo-Ag and FFA programs received recognition at district and state level competitions. 


As a result of planning that was done this year, for 2016-17 numerous new academic opportunities will be available to Days Creek students including, but not limited to:


      New math curriculum K-12

      Dual credit writing through Southern Oregon University

      Metals shop (in preparation for dual credit welding through UCC in 2017-18)


      Elementary music

      Beginning Band

      High School Choir

      Healthy Kids Outreach Program for hygiene and health education (returning after several years absence)


Goals during the 2016-17 school year include implementing a preschool readiness initiative in partnership with the South-Central Early Learning Hub and articulating a K-12 natural resources theme that will be embedded throughout the curriculum in various content areas and throughout various times of year beginning in 2017-18.



During 2015-16, we continued our tradition of offering high-quality athletic programs.  Our student-athletes performed successfully on the field/court and in the classrooms.  Expectations for student-athletes to be models with regards to attendance, attitude, academics and leadership were articulated and enforced by the coaches and co-athletic directors. 


In addition, we piloted a successful return of softball as an option for student athletes.


In 2016-17, we plan to investigate the return of baseball as an option for student athletes using the same pilot process as was used with softball.



During 2015-16, students were provided with numerous opportunities to participate in a variety of grade level and whole school activities including, but not limited to:


      Recognition at district board meetings

      Participation in charter board meetings

      Frequent awards assemblies

      Glee club (sang National Anthem at volleyball games)

      Mercy flight helicopter tours


      Caroling at Forest Glen Retirement Center

      OMSI science assembly

      UCC choir assembly

      Oregon Rising video campaign

      Ski Club

      Class field trips

      Fancy Friday School Days

      First Annual Badminton Tournament of Champions

      Young Author’s Night

      Spirit Weeks

      Student Council

      Senior Walk

      Move-Up Day


In 2016-17, we will continue to offer a variety of activities that appeal to a variety of student interests as a way to keep our students actively engaged with school.



* * * * * * * * *


In addition to the areas articulated above, I was directly involved in these areas of leadership and management:



      Every teacher received a full clinical observation and evaluation

      Year-long work with the Institute for Research and Reform in Education (IRRE) to gather baseline data to inform improvement efforts



      New website

      Active Facebook page (grew from 100 to 455 followers!)

      Instragram account

      Frequent emails to teachers and boards

      Superintendent’s blog

      Transparent budgeting process

      Collaboration with DD Bixby at ESD



Much time was invested this year getting to know people and building collaborative relationships with:

      Teachers and staff

      Parents and community members

      Superintendent colleagues

      Partners, including but not limited to:


      Southern Oregon University

      Ford Family Foundation



      First Student





      Upgraded infrastructure and hardware



      Good steward of public resources

      Healthy balance between spending and saving

      Improved and streamlined process for employees to request purchases

      Transparent budgeting process that included teachers in decision making

      Awarded $10,000 grant for music program



      Policy manual has been kept up-to-date throughout the year and is available online



      Part-time custodian hired

      Implemented new maintenance tracking system

      Four restrooms remodeled

      Water line moved from neighboring property

      Grounds upkeep improved (compared to previous year)



      Formed school level committees

      Formed site council

      Professional Learning Communities (PLC) monthly meetings

      Rewriting charter document

      Title I audit and transition to school-wide program

      Declaration of single entity to streamline budgeting and eliminate duplicate audit



Thank you for partnering with me and supporting these many endeavors!  It has been an incredibly busy year with a tremendous amount of change and growth.  Though there have been some stalled initiatives and some frustrating setbacks along the way, I think that an objective look at the year as a whole reveals that together, we have made Douglas County SD #15 and Days Creek Charter School a better place for our students, their families, and the employees who work here.


I look forward to continuing during the 2016-17 year the work we have started and striving for continuous improvement in all the ways we serve our community.




                                                                                                Dr. Mark A. Angle, Superintendent



Posted by Dr. Mark Angle  On Jun 21, 2022 at 9:50 AM
This is the collaborative poem that was shared at graduation last week.

The Class of 2016

A collaborative poem written by DC Charter employees for our graduates


When I look back on the class of 2016…

…I’ll remember those students who persevered no matter what;

…I’ll remember the return of happiness;

…I’ll remember how good they worked with our elementary students.


When I look back on the class of 2016…

              …I’ll remember hard work, fun personalities, and the great senior projects;

              …I’ll remember that it wasn’t always easy, but they persevered;

              …I’ll remember camouflage!


When I look back on the class of 2016…

              …I’ll remember the positive growth I witnessed, which has been a huge blessing to us all;

              …I’ll remember a group of young people who like to get involved;

              …I’ll remember the mint moochers…you know who you are!


When I look back on the class of 2016…

              …I’ll remember a class that had to work to meet the goal of walking across this stage;

...I’ll remember a few quiet, appreciated, students who always tried to do the right thing and the massive growth in maturity and work ethic in others from freshmen year to senior year.

…I’ll remember taxidermy!


When I look back on the class of 2016…

…I’ll remember chefs, bull riders, singers, rockers, softball players, pony racers, outdoorsmen and women, mathematicians, scientists, readers, writers, and wolves all round.   

              …I’ll remember the laughter and smiles and genuine affection they have shown over the years. 

And, I will miss them!

Posted by Dr. Mark Angle  On May 31, 2022 at 9:01 AM
Days Creek Charter School awarded $10,000 grant to reestablish music program
Days Creek Charter School is pleased to announce that it has received a $10,000 check from the Crane Creek Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation to reestablish its music program.
Superintendent Mark Angle submitted an application titled, "Music Matters" earlier this year and recently received notification that the district's application was approved for funding.  Grant funds will be used to purchase materials to support general music education in elementary grades; vocal music for a high school choir; and, to repair and restore band instruments for a beginning band program.  
The district school board approved hiring a part-time Musician-in-Residence at their regular monthly meeting in April to teach elementary music classes and to conduct a band and choir.
Superintendent Angle was a music major in undergraduate school and conducted a music research study for his doctoral dissertation. In that study, Angle found that school level achievement as measured by student’s performance on standardized end-of-year state tests in Virginia was better for schools that had higher levels of participation in elective music programs. This held true even after controlling for other known variables that correlate with student achievement, including socio-economic status and average daily attendance.
“Even if participating in school music programs wasn’t correlated with improved student achievement, every student deserves to have an opportunity to experience the arts simply for the enrichment and joy it brings,” Angle said.
In addition to this grant, other local organizations who have an interest in the arts have helped to support this initiative by providing cash donations or items that will be used in raffles this summer to raise additional funds to support the program, including: Umpqua Community College, Southern Oregon University, ServPro, and Live on Stage Roseburg.  

Anyone who is interested in supporting the Days Creek Charter School music program may contact Mark Angle for more information at [email protected]
Posted by Dr. Mark Angle  On May 20, 2022 at 10:43 AM
Where has the year gone? Unbelievably, we are down to the FINAL FOUR weeks of the 2015-16 school year.  It's been a great school year with many positive changes at DC Charter!  I am very thankful for the employees, parents, volunteers, and community members who have supported me during my first year as Superintendent and who have partnered with us to implement the Give Me Five initiative and to set Days Creek on a strong path forward.

Despite having only four weeks left, we aren't slowing down!  In fact, our district calendar is packed!  We invite you to participate in as many of the following events as you are able...

18--Kindergarten Orientation--6p--Room 201--For incoming kindergarten    
18--Middle School Orientation--6p--Room 218--For incoming 6th graders

18--Freshman Orientation--6p--Room 215--For incoming freshmen

18--Senior Project Orientation--6p--Room 207--For incoming seniors

18--Open House--6p-8p--School-Wide-For anyone interested in enrolling 2016-17

21--Annual Golf Tournament--8a--Myrtle Creek--Football Fundraiser

23--UCC/Costco Field Trip--8:30a-4p--Roseburg--Juniors and Seniors

24--High School Awards Assembly--2p--Gym

25--Senior BBQ--noon--Outside--All high school students

26--Pioneer Play Days--DC Fairgrounds--4-5 grade students

26--SENIOR WALK--following grad practice--Seniors will take their final walk in caps/gowns while teachers, K-11 students, and family members cheer!

27--High School Graduation--7p--Gym

31--Move-Up Day--All students will follow their 2016-17 schedule
31--Tiller Olympics/Field Day--12:30p--Outside/Gym

1--A/R Party--10a--Bowling--Elem students who meet goal

1--Middle School Awards and 8th grade promotion--6:30p--Gym
1--Middle School Dance--Gym--Following promotion until 10p

2--Elementary Academic Fair and Awards--10a--Gym
2--EARLY DISMISSAL--12:30p--please make sure your child know any special arrangements for arriving home early


​Dr. A                 


Posted by Dr. Mark Angle  On May 09, 2022 at 11:50 AM

Douglas County School District #15

Dr. Mark A. Angle, Superintendent


The Douglas County SD #15 Board of Directors has been very conservative in spending during the last few years as the district first  weathered and then recovered from significant funding challenges.  The difficult decisions that were made during this time have allowed the district to regain a reasonable level of financial stability, and the board is to be commended for their efforts.  

Continued conservative and prudent spending, coupled with increased student enrollment during the 2015-16 academic year have placed the district in a position of entering the 2016-17 budget year with a projected healthy beginning fund balance.

The 2016-17 budget is based on sustaining recent enrollment increases, a projected small increase in state funding, and beginning to draw down the carryover budget to an appropriate level as the district has now been able to demonstrate its financial solvency over the last two years.


Education is a people business.  As in every school district, the largest expenditure in the Days Creek budget  is for personnel costs.  During lean years, the district was forced to eliminate all non-essential personnel and functions.  Now that we have experienced two years with a substantial ending fund balance, it is time to slowly and intentionally add back programming that will benefit students and improve school operations.  To this end, this budget includes the following increases in personnel costs:  

--a step increase for all employees;

--an increase in the insurance cap for all employees, bringing the classified cap to $1105.00 and the certified cap to $1120.00;

--increasing the part-time teacher from .6 FTE to .7 FTE, which will allow the restoration of the Robotics elective;

--doubling the hours the math tutor is on campus, from 1.5 hours daily to 3 hours daily;

--adding a musician-in-residence position three hours daily to teach elementary general music, beginning band, and to offer choir as an elective; and,

--maintaining the part-time, night-shift custodian.

Teaching and Learning

During 2015-16, the district purchased new reading textbooks for grades K-6 and fully implemented the new curriculum across the elementary school.  As we continue to improve our English/Language Arts program, the district will be partnering with Southern Oregon University to offer dual-credit writing for the first time beginning in 2016-17. Funds have been budgeted to pay the tuition for students to participate in this program.

In the area of math, the district is budgeting to purchase new math textbooks for all students grades K-12, and we expect to see an improvement in math achievement as a result of being able to offer an aligned, up-to-date curriculum.  


The district made significant progress in the area of technology during the 2015-16 year by upgrading our computer labs and infrastructure and purchasing a mobile iPad cart that has been utilized effectively.  For 2016-17, we are budgeting funds to continue to upgrade or replace outdated equipment and also to purchase a new laptop cart, aka “ on wheels,” which will assist with the delivery of instruction in high school English and math.  


In athletics, we plan to fund softball as a high school sport next year.  During the 2015-16 year, the district piloted the return of softball using a combination of volunteer coaches and drivers, fundraising, community donations, donated transportation offered by First Student, and a small contribution from district funds.  For 2016-17, softball will be a funded sport just like football, volleyball, basketball, and track.  

Operations and Service

In the area of operations and maintenance, the district repaired and replaced several water lines to resolve a water leak that depleted our water reserves in early fall.  We also completed the remodeling of four student restrooms throughout the 2015-16 school year and have plans to complete the remaining four in early summer.  Improvements to the facility planned for 2016-17 include budgeting $10,000 toward bringing the shop up to industry standard so that by 2017-18 the shop will be ready for dual-credit welding.  We also plan to replace the river pump with a better quality, submersible pump to improve the availability of water to the greenhouse and barn.  Additional work on water lines and water containment at the site of the spring will also be completed.  Additional improvements that will be given consideration during this budget period include: replacement of exterior entry doors; replacement of windows in the high school wing; replacing flooring in two elementary classrooms and offices; and repairing flooring in the gymnasium.


The district is committed to being a good steward of the financial resources entrusted to it and to maintaining a healthy planned reserve and contingency fund to ensure money is available for emergency situations and to adjust for any unexpected changes in enrollment.  In addition to budgeting to be able to carry over into the 2017-18 school year ten percent of the funds we begin the 2016-17 year with, we are also creating a PERS reserve fund to be prepared for known increases in PERS costs in coming years.

* * * * * * * * * *

We have worked diligently to make the budget planning as transparent as possible and to directly involve employees and key stakeholders in making decisions about how to best utilize projected funds.  As a result of this work with teachers, line item budgets have been created within the instructional budget that will allow each department to know in advance the amount of money they have for instructional materials and supplies to best operate their programs.  

While the district has made significant progress, it faces an uncertain financial future with known increases in PERS costs, expected increases in insurance costs, and the unknown variable of how the minimum wage increase may impact the district through a “domino effect.”

The district must continue its efforts to recruit and retain students, to be wise and cautious in its purchasing, and to budget not just for today, but with the future in mind.

Posted by Dr. Mark Angle  On May 02, 2022 at 8:42 AM

Days Creek Charter School announces Open House for prospective students

Days Creek Charter School is currently accepting applications for the 2016-17 academic year for all grade levels, K-12.  Families considering school enrollment options for next year are invited to a drop in Open House between 6p - 8p on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at the school, which is located at 11381 Tiller Trail Highway in Days Creek.

Teachers and administrators will be available to talk to prospective students and their families about the courses, programs, athletics, and activities available at the school.  Current high school students will give tours of the building and grounds to prospective students.

Days Creek Charter School accepts students from throughout the area with daily busing from Tri-City, Myrtle Creek and Canyonville. With an enrollment around 200 students, the small school climate allows teachers to focus their teaching on individualized and responsive instruction that adapts to students' needs.  With a charter that focuses on natural resources, elementary students have the opportunity to participate in riparian restoration with a nationally recognized expert in this field.  The agriculture classes and FFA program are vibrant and growing.  A musician-in-residence will begin building a strong music program in the upcoming year to include music classes twice weekly for every elementary student, and daily band classes beginning in fourth grade. High school students will have the opportunity to participate in a performance choir.

Other new courses that will be offered for 2016-17 school year include Robotics for middle school students and dual-credit writing for high school, which will be offered in partnership with Southern Oregon University.  The district also offers several math courses and a computer science course for dual credit with Umpqua Community College.

The district has a history of strong athletic programs and will be offering its student athletes the opportunity to participate in football, volleyball, basketball, softball, and track during the 2016-17 year.  The district also plans to continue its popular Ski Club with several trips planned to Mt. Ashland during the snow season.

The district has made a significant investment in technology including an iPad cart that allows elementary students to have frequent interaction with this learning resource.  Computers in labs and classrooms are being upgraded this summer to the latest Windows operating system and will be complemented in the fall by a laptop computer cart.   

The single campus set up of the school allows for enriching interaction between primary and secondary students and opportunities for becoming and finding role models. Responsible high school students can be tasked with internships, learning valuable organization and leadership skills, while younger pupils watch successful teens excel in high school. Teachers and staff are longtime and integral members of our community, many of whom are former Days Creek graduates and returned to give their shared enthusiasm for this small school that’s got a big appetite for learning.

For more information, please explore the district website at  While there, be sure to click on the links for our active and frequently updated Facebook and Instagram pages.

Space is limited so be sure to request your enrollment packet even if you cannot attend open house by calling the school office at 541.825.3296.
Posted by Dr. Mark Angle  On Apr 21, 2022 at 9:43 AM

Days Creek Charter School announces Kindergarten Orientation

Days Creek Charter School will be hosting kindergarten orientation for students and their families who will be enrolling in kindergarten for the 2016-17 school year.  Families are invited to visit the kindergarten classroom beginning at 6p on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 to have pizza and dessert with Kindergarten teacher Sarah Hooper.  The school  is located at 11381 Tiller Trail Highway in Days Creek.

In addition to the opportunity to meet and interact with the teacher, kindergarten orientation will provide the opportunity for families to learn school readiness activities they can do together this summer to help ensure a successful start to school.  Every family that participates will get a learning kit that includes play dough, crayons, learning activities and a story book.  Additionally, each child will receive a free “Class of 2029” t-shirt that they can wear on the first day of school in the fall.

For more information about Days Creek Charter School, please explore the district website at  While there, be sure to click on the links for our active and frequently updated Facebook and Instagram pages.

Please RSVP by calling the school office at 541.825.3296 so we can have an accurate count for dinner.
Posted by Dr. Mark Angle  On Apr 20, 2022 at 3:14 PM
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